International Space Convention 2022

September 9-10-11 | bursa, turkey

The biggest Caucasus region must-attend space conference for business, technology and services


Reasons to attend the ISC 2022:

Attend ISC 2022 in-person or online September 9-10-11 where government space industry leaders and the global private space industry players will gather under one roof in Bursa, Turkey to exchange information and ideas, to share developments and advances, to swap insights, strategies and rising trends in the Caucasus and global space industry.

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Meet and Network with the established companies and government space agencies to fuel international cooperation and build a sustainable space ecosystem.

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Hear about the rising trends, recent advances, and concepts in the space industry from the world-renowned experts.


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Find out how to get started in the space industry and how to catalyze the growth in your region for the global benefit.

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Seize the opportunity in terms of capturing the Market Share in the newly developing Caucasus space industry.

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ISC 2022 Speakers

Hear from over 90 world-renowned space industry speakers and experts, ranging from government space agencies to private space companies during the 3-days of the convention.

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Jose M. Hernandez

Former US NASA Astronaut


Stuart Martin

CEO of the Satellite Applications Catapult

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Madhav R Ragam

VP Public Sector - Maxar Technologies


Andrea Vena

Chief Climate and Sustainability Officer - ESA

Julius Ašmonas.jpg

Julius Ašmonas

Business Development Manager - NanoAvionics

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Aurélie Bressollette

Program Manager - Redwire Space Europe

Mike Safyan.png

Mike Safyan

VP of Launch - Planet

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Veronica La Regina

CEO - Nanoracks Europe

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Carlos Garcia-Galan

Manager of the European Service Module - NASA

David Baumann.png

David Baumann

Director of NASA’s Human Research Program

Lee Sunghee.png

Sunghee Lee



Jim Cantrell

CEO - Phantom Space

Jane Poynter.png

Jane Poynter

Co-CEO of Space Perspective

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Hirokazu Mori

Chief Strategy Officer - WARPSPACE

Sara Seager.png

Sara Seager

Professor of Physics - MIT

ISC 2022 Agenda

Attend the ISC 2022 online or in-person and hear expert talks on: Earth and Deep Space Observation, SatCom and Data Analysis, Human Space Missions, Space Law and Regulations, Commercial Space Travel, Financial Outlook of the Space Industry, Funding Opportunities for the Emerging Space Start-Ups and many more great topics.


Venue Details

GUHEM (The Gokmen Space and Aviation Training Center) is established under the leadership of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) in collaboration with the Bursa Municipality and the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK). Center has 154 interactive education systems, Aviation Training Center, Space Innovation Laboratory, Chemistry and Biology Laboratory and Mathematics, Robotic Programming, Space & Aviation Workshops, Space & Aviation Camp. GUHEM won an award at the European Property Awards in the category of Public Buildings in 2019.


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The International Space Convention 2022 will present high profile representatives from international space agencies, companies, and institutions. ISC 2022 will include several dozens of world-renowned speakers from top space agency officials and representatives, astronauts, scientists and engineers and many more great speakers during the 3-days of the convention.